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Nu Omega chartered in 1923
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    Located in the

    Talented Tenth District
    235 East Ferry Street
    Detroit, Michigan 48202
    313 - 872 - 1646

As we enter the twenty-first century, Nu Omega has made Mother Omega, proud of its past and present accomplishments. Celebrating over 75 years of community success, we find ourselves, one of the Largest, if not the Largest Chapter in Omega. Nu Omega was chartered in 1923 with twenty-six charter members and was known as the Dr. Chapter. It grew to a mighty ONE HUNDRED in 1965 and The Oasis of Omega continues to flourish.

In the early 1940s Bro. George Isabel, who served as 10th Grand KRS (1937-1944) lobbied for Nu Omega. Being part of the Detroit Housing Commission, Isabel helped make it possible for Brothers Dent, Burton, Jeffries, Davis, Smith and Washington to acquire the House located at 235 East Ferry, Detroit, Michigan.

This Stature although grand in Nature, needed a lot of work to bring it to Omega's standards. However, outside funding was never sought. From Chapter Brothers donating money made from their private speeches given on a public level, to Past Basileus Bro. Clarence Greens', inception of the Mardi Gras in 1976 and it's first 600 attendants, and the Boat Rides of not long ago. The thrust toward better things and new ideas have marked Nu Omega's path for more than 75 years.

Dr. Dewitt T. Burton, Francis M. Dent, Odie T. Davis, Charles Washington, David Smith and Livingston Jeffries, chartered Nu Omega the graduate chapter of Detroit, in 1923. The undergraduate chapter, Nu Sigma, was organized at Wayne State University in 1938 and extended its membership to the students of other colleges in the Detroit area. In keeping with the goals that the fraternity set for itself, the men of Nu Omega have, over the years, sponsored many projects for the improvement of Detroit's Black community. Several noteworthy projects include the granting of college scholarship awards to deserving students and sponsoring a national talent hunt directed at seeking students with outstanding musical ability. Over the years Nu Omega Chapter has donated in excess of $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund.

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